Creative Use of Leisure Time

Good day. I find myself at a lull in writing incontinence tweets, so I realized I should tell you about my Sunday. I’m going to leave out all the details except when Kristina and I went to La Cuevita for margaritas. It was a choice boldly located in pleasure, and enjoying life.

We ordered smokey margaritas. Delish! We went to sit outside. A wonderful choice in such pleasant weather. The music, 70’s hard jam rock that would be derivative bar rock if it was made now, was a touch too loud for my ears. Near us was a wall-mounted chalkboard divided into two columns, as though related to some kind of bar sport like pool or shuffleboard, though neither was present. There were a bunch of people sitting outside, including two gentlemen dressed in full denim, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots. I’m not convinced either had participated in the life traditionally associated with their outerwear. They were white, mid-thirties, and their dungarees fit very well. I admired that part. Who do you have to be to get a pair of jeans that fits well? A man.

As we were enjoying our bevs, the dudes got up and decisively approached the chalkboard. They each grabbed chalk and proceeded to DRAW EACH OTHER’S PORTRAITS. It was wonderful and completely baffling. One of them was the superior artist, and he soon took the lead, while the other one stepped back and watched. I couldn’t look at his face because I was afraid it would be full of shame and defeat and a lifetime of feeling inadequate. The one who was the alpha sketcher finished his portrait, rendered in blue chalk, and wrote “Lonesome and Blue” next to it. Okay!

They sat down. We finished our drinks.

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