The Only Hope is (Some) Skateboarders

I don’t know where to start this post. The world is a mess and it’s nowhere near my kiss. Every perusal of social media makes me physically sick with its documentation of our slide into oligarchy. I truly don’t know what Dems do with their days. For me, they are the only hope. I don’t think the system is going to be torn to the ground and re-formed. I don’t think a viable third party will enter the playing field (in my lifetime at least). I don’t mind if you believe otherwise!! Get it!

This is just a blog. I will not think of everything and all sides. I do my best to be thoughtful. Fuck you!

Last Friday I went to skate Garvanza, the best local scene ever, anywhere. I went alone. I always see someone I know there. For the first half hour, it was just me, and then some locals arrived. As ever, I would skate and then take a break, drink some water, chill. About five gentledudes were sitting on the bench and I chopped it up with them when I sat down. Our conversations gave me some scraps of hope in this deeply stupid, seemingly endless, shithole of a time.

At one point the dudes were talking about seeing a friend of theirs the night before. I don’t remember the guy’s name, I’ll call him Mag.

1–Dude did you see Mag last night?

2–Yeah at (whatever) party

1–Dude was saying some trippy shit

2–He was on acid!

1–That explains it

Me–But wait what exactly did he say?

1–He said he was just hanging out in his own little world. I was like, that’s a little weird to say, but it’s cool.

2–Did you go to (whatever bar) later?


2–It was crazy. I went to the bathroom to take a shit, and while I’m sitting on the toilet, a dude comes in and pulls out his coke to take a bump so I’m like, what about me? And he leans over and gives me a bump right while I’m on the shitter!

Me: My god. Life is so much better than I ever think it is.

2–Yeah man. I can be walking down the street pissing myself, piss running down my leg, and I’m still happy as a sparrow finding seed.

1–That’s fucking poetic, man.


A guy rolls into the park, probably in his early 20’s. Beautiful dude, rich brown skin, Latino, hair slicked back. He had on a perfectly-fitting pair of brown Dickies that he had pleated twice in the front, cuffed just above his ankles. White blousy tank top. Black skate shoes. The guys didn’t know him.

2–Look at this dude, ripping off Dylan Reader

1–He’s just doing his thing, man

2–You’re right. I’m hating, I gotta quit that shit. (his phone rings) I knew it, it’s my chick. (answers phone) What’s up? (pause) Skating. (pause) Nah not right now, I’m kicking it. (pause) I’m going to chug a beer out of your butt.

(I skate off not because this isn’t completely perfect but because it will always be great and I have skating to do)

One thought on “The Only Hope is (Some) Skateboarders

  1. Fish

    “(I skate off not because this isn’t completely perfect but because it will always be great and I have skating to do)”
    Thanks, I completely agree and needed that.

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